What TV show should i start watching?

So i have just finished watching prison break and i am in need of a new show to get into. I watch shows like breaking bad, criminal minds, the walking dead, community, etc. I am looking preferably a show on netflix because it is easier to watch.

thank you

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    **NEW** TV shows 2013: **NEW**

    - Banshee

    - Bates Motel

    - Da Vinci's Demons

    - Defiance

    - Legit

    - Hannibal

    - House of Cards

    - Orphan Black

    - Ripper Street

    - The Americans

    - The Carrie Diaries

    - Vikings

    2012 Shows:

    - Arrow

    - Bunheads

    - Copper

    - Dallas

    - Go On

    - Girls

    - Gravity Falls (Cartoon)

    - Hunted

    - Longmire

    - Nashville

    - Revolution

    - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Cartoon)

    - The Legend of Korra (Cartoon)

    - The Mindy Project

    - The Newsroom


    - The Wire (HBO)

    - The Sopranos (HBO)

    - Breaking Bad

    - Mad Men

    - Justified

    - Sherlock

    - Sons of Anarchy

    - Southland

    - Dexter (SHOWTIME)

    - Homeland (SHOWTIME)

    - Boardwalk Empire (HBO)

    - Treme (HBO)

    - Boss (Starz)

    - Pretty Little Liars

    - Hell on Wheels

    - Revenge


    - Chuck

    - Nikita

    - Person of Interest


    - Fringe

    - Battlestar Galactica

    - Doctor Who

    - Supernatural

    - The Vampire Diaries

    - Game of Thrones

    - The Walking Dead

    - American Horror Story

    - Once Upon a Time

    - Alphas

    - Being Human (US)


    - Parenthood

    - Switched at Birth

    - Shameless (SHOWTIME)

    - Californication (SHOWTIME)

    - The Big C (SHOWTIME)

    - Weeds (SHOWTIME)

    - White Collar

    - Glee

    - House of Lies (SHOWTIME)

    - United States of Tara (Cancelled) (SHOWTIME)

    - Men of a Certain Age (Cancelled)


    - Community

    - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    - Parks & Recreation

    - Raising Hope

    - Louie

    - Cougar Town

    - Happy Endings

    - New Girl

    - Modern Family

    - Awkward.

    - Wilfred

    - Blue Mountain State

    - How I Met Your Mother

    - The Big Bang Theory



    Black Dynamite

    Bob's Burgers

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    Young Justice

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    The Americans

    Da Vinci's Demons




    White Collar

  • 8 years ago

    I've watched almost all the tv shows you just mentioned so I'd say we have pretty similar taste

    I suggest you watch lost:)


    I really liked it.

    Also it's weird that I watch this since I've never watched an anime before but Naruto is amazing. I like it as much as I like the walking dead which I absolutely love.

    I also watch the vampire diaries but if you're a guy you might not like it, I'd give it a try anyway

    That's about it, hope I helped:)

  • 8 years ago

    try watching arrow it is based of the comic book hero green arrow but it is allot more realistic and darker.

    and watch the tv shows dexter and Sherlock

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