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Is some animal testing and experimenting necessary?

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    Yes. After years in the field of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, I can say for certain that it is.

    It does not matter with cosmetics, since virtually all the components have been animal tested long ago or have been in use for centuries and are GRAS - generally regarded as safe. The cosmetic chains that claim to sell products that have not been animal tested are essentially lying, since the components were tested decades ago or were never tested at all. They don't test the mixtures, but the components were tested.

    With pharmaceuticals, they are usually tested on cell cultures first. These are often cultures of human cancer cells, like HeLa, cancer cells taken from a woman named Henrietta Lacks sixty years ago. Normal human cells do not survive long in culture, but cancer cell cultures may be immortal. Claims that such testing is sufficient are frankly, bullshit.

    Fruit flies, brine shrimp or frog tadpoles are sometimes used. Mice are usually special breeds, sometimes the BALB/c breed. In other situations the New Zealand white rabbit may be used. Monkeys are rarely used because they take too long to breed and apes take even longer and are fantastically expensive. Aside from that, the fact that they are close to human in mentality makes using them ethically very dubious.

    Before human trials begin, there are usually tests on a variety of animals including dogs or mini-pigs.

    The thalidomide disaster which led to infants being born with shortened limbs came about because the drug was tested only on cats, and it turned out that cats are not affected that way by thalidomide, one of the very few mammals that are not affected. All new drugs have to be tested on a variety of mammals

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    Yes, some of it (not all of course) is very necessary, not only for humanity but also for other animals. Also keep in mind that most labs have a code they go by and are very compassionate with their lab animals. However, I really do not see the point of using animals in cosmetics anymore, what a shame!

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    Depends what you think is necessary? Does finding cure for different diereses is necessary? Does making sure they are not harmful to people is necessary? Is it necessary that human race can provide themselves es long and healthy life? If yes then, yes. You would not want them to experiment on humans with untested drugs, would you?

  • Anonymous
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    Have to test on something. And people aren't keen on being subjects.

    So we clone mice instead - and use them. Handy, right?

    Makes me feel really divided when I think about it; but I'd never want to trade our societal progress. We *really* need animals for our medicine and technology.

    Makes me feel dirty to admit it, though. -.-

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    Convenient, useful, etc.? Sure.

    But those aren't the same things.

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    Yes, for medical advancements.

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    No, not really necessary!

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