How does child support in the state of Arkansas work?

I have an almost 10 yr. daughter the father has never once paid on,(due to jail) I have spoke with the child support division and they offer little to no answers at all. They are waiting on his employment verification to come back, so they can serve him. That is the only answers I get from these people! He has called them and told them where he works, Gave them all the information they needed. Child support then told him we had to do a DNA, because he was not on the birth certificate, he in return told them that he did not need one we were married and there was no doubt the child was his. I want to know, what is the process?-- after you serve him what happens?, How long does this process normally take? I read some where about a hearing, How long does it normally take to get one of those? I am seriously not getting any answers from the child support agency and I dont know who else to call.

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  • 7 years ago
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    The site for Arkansas law does not open when queued but it is under title 9 as shown Family Law section.

    Also note that all laws derive via federal Childs Support Guidelines act 1989.

    The fact that the man is admitting responsibility and that the child is his should cut a lot of red tape, but; I personally feel, that a signed statement as such, from him, to DHR and the courts, should be more proof of a document for evidence.

    A court hearing will be held when all the facts they need to take to a hearing to determine the true amount can be had or obtained.

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