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What to expect with braces?

I'm getting braces in two weeks, I'm 15. What does the pain feel like, how long does it last, what foods should I eat, etc? I'm really worried, and I don't want them, butbi have to get them. Feel free to share your braces story. What color should I get? I have blue eyes and light Brown hair and really pink lips. Thanks!

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    Don't worry about it. They tell you what foods you can't eat, stick to the list and you're less likely to cause damage to your teeth or the braces.

    It'll hurt a bit for a few days after they are on and when they are tightened so eat softer foods then and take painkillers, then you'll be fine. As for colours, get whatever you like, what is your favourite colour? Go for that.

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    My friend had braces. The pain should not last very long. You can't eat anything hard or sticky, like toffee.

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    the thing with braces is food gets stuck in them easily so brush like crazy i didnt and my teeeth went from being good to almost rotten

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    You can expect no dates and being shoved into lockers.

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