Can I master in environmental engineering?

I'm going get a BA in Public Health soon. Will I be able to Master in environmental engineering?

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  • 7 years ago
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    No, unless you have completed the Prerequisite Undergrad courses related to Environmental Engineering (such as Thermodynamics, advanced maths, etc.), you cannot be accepted into a Master's Program for Environmental Engineering.

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  • DS
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    7 years ago

    So theres 2 scenarios and they both depend on the school.

    The first, and most likely is that you cannot get in to a masters in engineering because your undergrad degree basically 0 classes in common with engineering.

    The second scenario is that the school lets you in, but makes you take a TON of background classes before you can start to take the actual masters in environmental engineering classes. They might do this basically just for the money. As a grad student you'll have to pay more plus they can ensure you'll be there for a while.

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  • Hey pal,

    Why don't you look at some universities and see if they offer a degree?


    S C U M B U C K E T

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  • 7 years ago


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