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I hate my step-dad and my mum wont let me live with my dad.Help!?

Well my parents split up 3 years ago and my mum met this other guy 3 moths later before he came into our lives my relationship with my mum was step-dad is controlling as hell . not long after he moved in he got rid of both of our dogs because he says there having a new carpet and he didn't want dog hair everywhere which i thought was pretty evil seen as though both of my dogs were old and would most likely get put down. not long after that he started to take away any stuff i started take my stuff off me and my brother (16) and sister (11) im 13. they don't like him either.

My step-dad got rid of our internet not long after because he says i don't do what he and my mother say and swear at my mother which is not true (seriously my dads is pretty strict in that aspect so anyone that knows me knew that was bull).

So then he got the internet back again but only for him his 2 kids and my older brother. funny how the only ones that miss out are me and my little sister who have a different dad from my brother.

so as you can imagine i got really pissed off because i only just had a new £400 laptop a month earlier which is useless without it. he never says hello or goodbye to me or talks to me if were both in the same room.he continually talks my things of me after the littlest things like dropping a glass by accident. soooo my dad said i can live with him like ive always wanted to since my parents split up my mum says i cant though because "hes living in his girlfriends house and there not stable yet "

when they have been together for 7 months now and not split up since ( and how can my mum say hes not stable does she not understand how much of a dick her husband is and how much crap hes put me though ). i get on with my dad and his girlfriend. i also feel more relaxed when im there like i dont have to be constantly on edge about being shouted at for something. so how can i live with my dad ? -Thanks

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  • Tom
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    7 years ago

    Keep talking to your dad and say you'd really like to live with him permanently if you can. Tell him it isnt something short term and you'd like to live with him properly.

  • 7 years ago

    Tell your dad about the messed up **** your step dad has done. Tell him you're extremely unhappy. Keeping telling him that you need him.

  • 7 years ago

    If your close to your dad's girlfriend, why not talk with her, or just talk about it with your dad, a serious talk, try crying .

    not any help but its worth a try

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