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YWWE New Year's Revolution pick winners and rate matches and show?

WWE- Edge

World Heavyweight Champion- Vacant

ECW Champion- Bobby Lashley

Intercontinental- Dean Ambrose

United States Champion- Drew McIntyre

Television Champion- Dolph Ziggler

European- Sheamus

Hardcore Champion- Kevin Steen

Cruiserweight Champion- Sin Cara

X-Division Champion- Chavo Guerrero

Woman's- Sara Del Rey

Diva's Champion- Mickie James

Knockout's Champions- Natalya

World Tag Team- Young Bucks

WWE Tag Team Champion- Kings Of Wrestling

ECW Tag Team Champions- The Dudley Boyz

1. The Dudley Boyz(c) v Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards (ECW Tag Team Championship_

2. Natalya(c) v AJ Lee (Knockout's Championship)

3. AJ Styles v Austin Aries v El Generico v Garett Bischoff

4. Dean Ambrose(c) v "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels (Intercontinental Championship)

5. Drew McIntyre(c) v King Booker(United States Championship)

Post Match- Mr. Kennedy comes out and nails the winner with the Mic Check

6. Bobby Lashley(c) v "Stone Cold" Steve Austin v John Cena v Chris Benoit v Kevin Steen v Dolph Ziggler (ECW Championship Six Pack Challenge)

7. Undertaker v Chris Jericho (World Heavyweight Championship

As each competitor makes his way to the ring the crowd looks on cheering or booing them. As Sheamus' music hits, he is attacked by JBL who forces himself into Sheamus's pod. Officials check on Sheamus and carry him out to the back

8. Edge(c) v Kurt Angle v Wade Barrett v Sheamus v Kane v Samoa Joe

order of entry for chamber:

1. Edge

2. Kane

3. JBL

4. Samoa Joe

5. Kurt Angle

6. Wade Barrett

For BA consideration list eliminations in the chamber match

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    1.-The American Wolves take the titles in a hell of a match. 5/5

    2.-Natalya makes AJ tap out in a good Diva's match. 4/5

    3.-Austin Aries makes Bischoff tap out. 4/5

    4.-Ambrose beats Daniels and retains. 4/5

    5.-McIntyre beats Booker and retains. 4/5

    Post Match.-Mr Kennedy....KEEEEEENNEDY! 5/5

    6.-John Cena wins the title and the fans boo. 5/5

    7.-Undertakers makes Jericho RIP. 5/5

    Promo 2.-Awesome 5/5

    8.-Kane wins by last eliminating Edge 5/5

    Eliminations: Joe eliminates JBL with the Muscle Buster, Joe eliminates Angle with the Coquina Clutch, Barrett eliminates Joe with the WasteLand, Edge eliminates Barrett with the Spear, Kane eliminates Edge with a Second Rope Chokeslam


    Trash of the Night: None, of course

    Match of the Night: The Main Event Chamber

    Promo of the Night: Mr. Kennedy...KEEEEEEENNEDY!

    Show Grades:

    Entertainment: 10/10 A+

    Wrestling: 32/40 B

    Show: 42/50 B+

    Closing Comments: B for the pay per view. Really good show, all the matches were solid and the only segment was good too. Looking forward to the Mr Kennedy feud and the chamber was awesome. Good job.

  • Match 1-winners Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards-9/10

    Match 2-winner Natalya-7.5/10

    Match 3-winner AJ Styles-7.5/10

    Match 4-winner Dean Ambrose-8/10

    Match 5-winner Drew McIntyre-8/10

    Post Match-9/10

    Match 6-winner Bobby Lashley-9/10

    Match 7-winner Chris Jericho-10/10

    Pre Match Promo-8/10

    Match 8-winner Kurt Angle-10/10

    JBL eliminates Kane after a Clothesline From Hell

    Samoa Joe eliminates Edge after the Muscle Buster

    Wade Barrett eliminates JBL after the Bull Hammer

    Kurt Angle eliminates Wade Barrett by submission with the Ankle Lock

    Kurt Angle eliminates Samoa Joe after not one, not two, but THREE Angle Slams

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    1. The Dudley Boys (c) - 11:27

    2. Natalya (c) - 5:46

    3. A.J. Styles - 14:01

    4. Dean Ambrose (c) - 8:35

    5. King Booker - 9:26

    6. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin - 19:32

    7. Chris Jericho - 24:10

    8. JBL - 35:47


    Samoa Joe pinned by Kane @ 8:23

    Kane pinned by Wade Barrett @ 15:21

    Wade Barrett submitted to Kurt Angle @ 31:00

    Kurt Angle pinned by Edge @ 35:34

    Edge pinned by JBL @ 35:47

    Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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    WWE sucks now

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