I'm too nervous about this I live in SC, im now 4 months pregnant with my first child and for the last month ive been kind of down and sick and on bed rest. kind of out of it and what not and i totally forgot about my wic appointment that was set for April 15th, it was a class for moms appointment. it would have been my first appointment since i started on wic and they gave me my first little wic checks. and since like a whole entire week or two has passed and i was sitting and just thinking about alot it crossed my mind and i remembered i had an appointment this month with them. im unable to call today because its sunday but will that terminate me from being able to get wic since it has been that long? or will i be able to talk with them and let them know what was going on with me im literally now JUST getting better thats why it even crossed my mind. and if they did terminate me for missing the little class for moms appointment will i be able to re-apply i really didn't mean to miss it i was excited about attending the appointment when they first scheduled it but i didn't know i would have gotten so sick either. HELP!!!! please!!!! :(

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  • 7 years ago
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    I live in NC, things vary by state...but most WIC programs are pretty much the same as far as missed appointments and policies and such.

    Anyways, to answer your question: I've missed a WIC appointment before, back in Indiana, and there was no problem. I explained why I missed the appointment (which was due to a scheduling conflict at work with an important meeting) and they rescheduled me for the class. It was probably the same class you were supposed to take. I've missed a follow-up or two here in NC and there was not any problem. The one time, I was 2 weeks late, my checks were not the full package for that month, but there was no continual penalty; I got roughly half of my package for that month because the month was half gone.

    Don't worry. Call them on Monday morning, explain the situation and all should be fine. There should be no need to re-apply or any of that mess. I seriously doubt they will make you go through all of that or that they will try and terminate your WIC. Of course, all states are a little bit different, but they are all mostly the same.

    And if, by some crazy chance, they have terminated your WIC...you will be able to re-apply. Like I said, don't stress over it. You've got enough stress just being pregnant. Call them on Monday and be honest about why you missed your appointment. Tell them about being sick and being on bed rest. WIC are good people; they are there to help you, not screw you out of anything.

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  • 7 years ago

    Lol Calm down sweetheart cuz its gonna be ok. They don't have a way to cancel the checks so they are all yours ok and no they won't take you off WIC just call on Monday and they will schedule another date for that class. WIC deals with families and single parents and I'm sure there are plenty of instances where people couldn't make it or forgot or just didn't show up. WIC is there to help people not give them a hard time. Call Monday. You'll see its no biggy.

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