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What foods are safe to eat that can make me fart w/o it resulting in diarrhea?

So on Friday, I have no idea what was, but something I ate or drank made me have Diarrhea that day. I ate a bowl of cereal w/milk, a Luna Bar and earlier that morning, I had a small cup of a protein shake.

My body has always been fine eating a bowl of cereal w/milk and same with the Luna Bars. My only theory is that it was the protein shake.

Now, I was fine yesterday, but now my body wants me to fart, but sometimes when I try to, it turns into diarrhea. Sometimes, people may think that it's a fart when it's really not.

So, what foods are safe to eat to help make me fart where it won't result in diarrhea?


What's really weird is that I've read for people that need to fart, they should eat high fiber foods, but for people who have diarrhea, they're supposed to lay off high-fiber foods and eat low-fiber foods.

I've also read for the people who have diarrhea, they should lay off milk "products" until it subsides, except for yogurt.

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    Maybe some beans and broccoli?

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