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Equine colleges in the States?

Seeing as I'm not from the States, I wanna ask you guys.

I'm looking for any good Equine colleges in the US, I've found a lot online, but I really want one where I can bring my own horse, study, and live on campus where my horse is stabled not far away.

All in all, do any of you guys know a Equine college somewhere in the US, where I can bring my own horse with me and use my own horse for the riding classes? And get a degree meanwhile?

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    Cazenovia College

    St. Andrews College

    Skidmore College

    Sweet Briar College

    Wilson College

    Auburn University

    High Point University

    University of North Carolina at Charlotte

    University of Miami

    Virginia Intermont College

    University of Findlay

    North Carolina State University

    Centenary College

    Maryville College

    Wesleyan College

    Mississippi College

    Averett College

    William Woods University

    Randolph College

    Lake Erie College

    Baylor University

    University of Florida

    Albion College

    Mount Holyoke College

    Georgetown College

    Florida Atlantic University

    University of South Carolina

    George Washington University

    Colby-Sawyer College

    Oklahoma State

    Texas A&M University

    Fresno State

    Kansas State University

    Delaware State

    Texas Christian University

    University of Georgia

    to name a few..

  • I'm planning on going to the University of Montana Western. It's located in Dillon, Montana. You can learn more here:

    It's a very small campus, and they have an excellent quine program that isn't very well known. You can bring your own horse, and board them nearby. I would highly recommend looking into it!

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    Like someone else said, University of Findley has an excellent program. Nice campus and stables!

    Texas A&M and University of California Davis both have great equine programs

    Good luck!

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    I go to SUNY Cobleskill, you are allowed to keep your horse on the campus (You have to pay board which is somewhere between 500-600 a month, which is average for the area.) and they offer a variety of lessons. It's a technical school as well, so a lot of the classes you take are hands on, My first semester there I was at the barn working with horses for a class at least three times a week.

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    Bethany in Virginia, beautiful area, wonderful facility

    University of Findlay

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    I haven't looked much into equine colleges yet, but I do know of one and it seems to have a good program.

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