Which is a better truck overall: a Toyota Tacoma or a Toyota Tundra?

year: between 2000-2005

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  • Eric P
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    7 years ago
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    Those year ranges include two generations of Tacoma but just the 1st generation of Tundra.

    They're all great trucks. It should more come down to what size of truck you need.

    The first generation of Tacoma lasted until 2004 as a compact truck. In 2005, it grew into a mid-size truck. The first generation V6 had a timing belt with a replacement interval of 90,000 miles--be sure to address this if you end up with a 1st-gen V6. The I-4 of both generations and the 2nd generation V6 had lifetime timing chains.

    The first generation of Tundra was a 7/8-size truck. Most variants come with the Lexus-derived 4.7L V8 but some also have the 3.4L V6 from the Tacoma/4Runner. Both of these engines used timing belts. The 4.0 V-6 with the timing chain appeared in 2005. The 4.7 received variable valve timing in 2005 for increased power output.

    Both trucks had some recalls for frame rust...be sure to inspect carefully, determine if the truck you're interested in was part of a recall and if recall work has been done. The Tundra frame recall was limited to the 2000-2003 model years. The 1995-2004 Tacomas have been included in various rust recalls. The 2004-2006 Tundra is included in a front suspension ball joint recall.

    If you are interested in a double-cab, 4-door truck, this configuration was introduced in 2001 in Tacomas and in 2003 for the Tundra.

    They're both highly-regarded trucks. It should really come down to what size/configuration of truck best fits your needs. The Tundra is larger and uses more fuel but generally has higher towing capacity, depending on configuration.

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  • relles
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    4 years ago

    The Toyota Tacoma is a small truck, however I also like them, however they'll now not haul or pull as so much much as a full size truck and all full size trucks get negative gas mileage and so do the small ones. Ford claims to get 23 mpg on their new pickup, but I don't know what your mum and dad price range is nor do i know if that is proper, good good fortune you'll get many solutions from those loyal to one-of-a-kind manufacturers.

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