genres and subgenre for post, death, metal, core music (electric guitar))?

im honestly sick of not knowing what music is what and how to catagorise it because of ignorant people calling everything rock, metal, punk, or post hardcore i need examples and genres i need a site or your knowlede (what am i listening to?)

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    I know people say not to trust Wikipedia, but honestly the easiest way to understand the genres and get a good history on them is by looking the genres up on Wikipedia.

    I mean, it would take me forever to describe every genre to you, but if you want I can tech you about the genres mentioned in your question and if you need to know more, just look the genres up on Wikipedia.

    "Post" - 'post' can allude to post-punk, post-metal, post-hardcore and post-rock.

    post-punk is essentially a more experimental, arty and complex form of punk rock. It essentially laid the groundwork for genres like alternative rock by its fusion of styles and genres like funk, dub and krautrock.

    Example band: The Cure -

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    post-rock is essentially a way of defining rock music without the elements of rock music. Using all the isntruments found in rock music, but using it in a different style. "using guitars as facilitators of timbre and textures rather than riffs and power chords" as Simon Reynolds said.

    Example band: Bark Psychosis -

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    Post-metal started off as a mixture of sludge metal with post-rock, with hints of industrial influence. It was pioneered by Neurosis, but was later made much more definable with bands like ISIS and Cult of Luna, as Neurosis' style of post-metal was much more abrasive and mixed with elements of tribal, ambient, hardcore and just about everything else.

    Example band: ISIS -

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    post-hardcore started as a more experimental brand of hardcore, with more focus on blending other genres in, like noise rock. As the years came around, many post-hardcore bands like Thrice pioneered a new style that you hear today used by several bands, but the originators of the genre like The Jesus Lizard, Fugai, Jawbox, At the Drive-In, etc. were all mainly experimental hardcore bands that blended several genres in.

    Example band: Fugazi -

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    death metal was an expansion on thrash metal, with typically growled vocals, tremolo picked riffs and blast beats as its signature. It was heavier and more abrasive than thrash.

    Example band: Immolation -

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    Hardcore is just a harder, faster and more aggressive form of punk.

    Example band: Circle Jerks -

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    Metalcore is a fusion of hardcore and metal.

    Example band: Converge -

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    and that's all I can be bothered with

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    hi Lily properly, what attracts the line between tricky rock and metallic? in the event that they're diverse genres completely, there could be plenty conflict of words with reference to the form style of a few bands. there is that now, even. I do have confidence that that's a subgenre of Rock track. Rock track is a ridiculously extensive form of track. now and returned i contemplate whether different genres that i do no longer hear to, like Hip-hop, to illustrate, have this many sub-genres. that's loopy!

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