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I'm 14.. To young? Your opinion?

I asked this similarly a while ago but I think I needed more detail.

I'm 14 and this guy is 15. I'm in grade 8 and he's a freshman. We snapchat, and I've gotten pics of him shirtless and he's gotten me in my bathing suit, and one of me in a sports bra. We aren't really datung we just snapchat and talk a lot. I think we might date idk yet.

Okay so next weekend I'm going to hang out with him at his house. (He's on vacation this weekend) and we might mess around. I don't mean have sex. Not that far. In the last question people thought that he didn't know. But yeah, both of us know we're not having sex.. So it's not leading the other on. Now, we've talked about showering together., in the dak evacuee we don't want to really expose our full bodies yet. We joke around a lot and really have fun. I don't plan on going far enough to say I've lost my virginity though.


So I just want to know your opinion.. Thanks!!

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    You're going a bit too far with him sexually, I promise you'll regret it. Don't get too sexually comfortable with him. Taking a shower together, really? Hes not James Bond. If I were you, I would wait until i'm older, you're in 8th GRADE, that is disturbing for somebody your age to have sexual encounters. At least wait until you're in 10'th grade to get undressed with him.

    If that paragraph does not stop you, then I hope this will: Us men have big mouths, what you do will not be kept a secret. Those snapchats that you sent him, in your bikini, he probably is telling his friends how you want him badly. Whenever you go and have a sexual encounter with this guy, he will tell his friends. It will spread. Every sexual thing you do will NOT be kept a secret. Trust me, do not think "Oh, hes a sweet guy, he'll keep it a secret" because he won't.

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    You're STILL proposing to get naked w/ a 15yo guy but tell him he can't have sex. The fact that he can't see you is really not a consideration, amiga.

    This is NOT a kindness to the boy! And if he's stronger than you, w/o great self-control, it's not a good thing for you, either. That scenario isn't "inappropriate", it's insane.

    Check out "blue balls" on the Net.

    However, perhaps by "not have sex" you merely mean "don't do anything that has even a tiny chance of getting me pregnant", but still ensuring that he comes a few times at your hands (and/or at your mouth) while you're "fooling around". Yes, I do mean a few times; at that age, a boy can come a few times an HOUR, you know! And he wants to.

    In the latter case, I do think it would be inappropriate, because it's usually a bad idea to start having sex at 14--which IS what you'd be doing. But if you disagree, nothing anybody says here will stop you.

    In any case, make sure you have condoms available. If you never use them, all the better. But if you *don't* have them, and end up having vaginal sex because "it feels so right" or whatever, you'll be in a far worse situation.

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    Forget it. It doesn't matter what your ages are, you're still a kid. ENJOY IT! You have your entire life to pursue adult activities but only a limited time to just stop and be that kid. Once you take a step into adulthood, it's gone forever. I made the mistake of losing mine at 15 (almost 16) and then things changed. You don't ever plan to have sex at that age but once a boy hits puberty, the things you want to do (or say you do on here) are BIG GREEN FLASHING LIGHTS giving him the go ahead. Keep your body and your innocence to yourself. Besides at 15, he won't have a lot of experience or the knowledge of how to make sex enjoyable for a woman. Teenage boys don't know what they're doing and it will be pleasure only for him. If you're not dating, then you especially don't want to even be sending him pictures, even if you are covered up. He isn't even in a dedicated relationship to you and could spread those pictures around to people you know and damage your reputation. I'm not saying this to make you feel like a silly kid or make you think I'm some old lady who can't enjoy life but I'm not. These are the same things I would have said to myself back then. If I could go back 8 years and tell myself about the wonderful man that I would come to marry and to warn her about the upcoming events, I would be telling myself the same thing. Boys, dating, sex, relationships, they aren't important in your life right now. Don't put yourself in a position to where you have to grow up very quickly. Enjoy the last remnants of your childhood and the whole of your teenage life ahead of you. Be smart about this.

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    If you're naked in the dark together, no matter WHERE you are, he's going to try and have S E X with you. That's just how it is w/ 15 yr old boys and any other male teenager, no matter the age.

    *If you don't plan on losing your virginity to him and don't want to be labeled as a tease for NOT doing it, DON'T SHOWER TOGETHER.*

    Source(s): *30 yrs of life experience w/ the opposite sex*
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    You are far too young to even consider going to a guys house on your your parents know about this? You need to grow up and realize that your being irrational and plain stupid your a kid since when has it been fine for you to shower with some random guy YES you are TOO YOUNG!

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    ..You're 14. Don't shower naked with him, even if it is in the dark.

    Showering naked will probably make you want to have sex with him because of temptations if you have an attraction to him/you're horny, which you probably will be.

    And just so you know, yolo is not about taking stupid chances. It's about making the most of every moment and living to your full potential.

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    No fourteen is not to young to put on make-up. Makeup is numerous work and is costly, plus the average appear is relatively cool right now. But folks wear make-up at ages so much younger than fourteen. Just ensure you do not use to much, since it looks fake.

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    No matter what this guy says, you should not be alone with him. Guys trick girls into doing all sorts of things just by saying things that they want to hear. Way too young.

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    Yep. I'm just worried about accidentally getting him inside of you when you two shower together and getting pregnant. 14 and pregnant is NOT a good thing.

  • You should shower together and feel each other's bodies. 14 is a great age to learn.

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