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How does my fantasy baseball roster rate?

Matt Wieters

David Wright

Chris Davis

Ian Desmond

Yuniesky Betancourt

Coco Crisp

Alex Rios

Bryce Harper

Carlos Gonzalez

Jed Lowrie

BJ Upton

Hanley Ramirez

Chris Johnson

Brian McCann


Matt Harvey

James Shields

Justin Masterson

Jeff Samardzija

Chris Perez

Casey Janssen

Jim Henderson

Brandon League

Jose Valverde

Anibal Sanchez

Doug Fister

Clayton Kershaw

Currently in 1st in my league but losing to 2nd place guy and will probably fall to 2nd but this is my first year doing fantasy baseball.Any advice on drops or adds would be appreciate.

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    If you can find a way to get rid of League and Perez your pitching would be unstoppable. Your hitting is solid but with a few holes. I can see why you are in 1st place though. How did you pull this team off. Great job.

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  • 7 years ago

    Add/ drop to the hottest guy when you're in a slump and losing you're lead in the standings, solid lineup overall, getting a boost from a player producing fantasy point at a high level at that particular time can only be beneficial

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