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Differences between Ground Pork and Ground Chuck?

Alright so, my Stepdad has recently bought Ground Pork and Ground Chuck, I know for a fact he wont be using any of these to cook, because he never does, and my Mom's in another country right now. I'm not that much of a chef Lmao, but I wanted to know the difference between Ground Pork & Ground Chuck . I've never cooked like full meals (always just either canned food), but I would like to try it. I would also like to know if I can mix both cos the packaging is small on both of food.

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    Ground Chuck (Beef) is hamburger, you can make hamburgers with it or a hamburger dish. If this is your first time try a hamburger helper to get started.

    Pork is Pig meat and is the other "white meat" mostly people use this for pulled pork for sandwiches etc.

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    Pork Chuck

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    As stated, ground pork is obviously pork and chuck is beef. You can use either one alone or combined to make burgers, chili, meatloaf, meatballs, breakfast sausage (patties), tacos, sloppy Joes etc.

    When mixed and cooked, the flavors of the two compliment one another very well.

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    Ground pork is pork. Ground chuck is beef.

    Use them both in chili. Very good!

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    Pork is from pigs & chuck is beef.I would not recommend mixing them as pork has a very distinct flavour and would detract from the beef IMO.The ground pork could be used in making meatballs for instance as could the chuck.Chuck can be used for making spaghetti bolognese,meatloaf,savoury pies etc.Get a good recipe book.

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    One is pork and the other beef. Yes you can mix them, their flavors enhance each other. I make meatloaf with 1:2 (pork/beef) all the time. You CAN mix them and use them in any case that you would use ground beef. Sloppy joes, burgers, pasta sauce, tacos....go for it!

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    Yes, you can blend the two meats for one dish! I usually blend them to make chile con carne.

    for the pork try this site for recipes

    for the beef try this site for recipes

    oops, forgot to give you some pointers for chile con carne: brown the meats together in same pan, drain off fat. Stir in a can of Old El Paso Red Enchilada sauce or Old El Paso Green Enchilada sauce and serve with rice, beans and tortillas. I use salt and mexican oregano for further seasoning.

    make the two meats into burger patties and broil them and serve on toast or buns with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, etc.

    Freeze anything you cannot cook within a week!!

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    I grind my own..

    I do not trust--that the grinding machine was cleaned properly../


    None--if you mix them together.

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