Im French and I would like to know , what I have to do to be lawyer in the usa ? plz?

i'm 18, and I want to be lawyer in the usa . I don't know what to do , which university I have to go ? I speak french and I would like to know If there aren't university for french people for speak inglish and be lawyer in the state...I really want to live in the usa more exactly in LA ,NY or Miami. plz help me :)

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    8 years ago
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    You really MUST become more proficient in English. Almost all clients, attorneys, judges and governmental agencies won't understand. Neither will almost all students and professors at university. But, don't ever lose your language - you will most definitely need it if you want to work for an international company, the U.S. and/or the French Embassies, have an immigration law office, be an attorney in France, help foreign transfer students, etc.

    Typically, you must have a 4-year degree, take the law school entrance exam, 3 years of law school and then take the bar exam for final licensing.

    Florida, New York, and Louisiana all require this. You can start at a 2 year college, then, move to a 4 year university. You must make sure your grades are extremely good.

    However, under certain conditions, New York, Vermont, New York, Washington, Virginia, California, Maine, and Wyoming will allow licensing as a lawyer without formal education. This practice, however, is discouraged.

    To help your English reading and to get more information, in your internet search bar, type in 'how to become a lawyer in New York' or any state you like.

    Below is a link for information about becoming an attorney without an education but you MUST find an attorney who will mentor you, for example.

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