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Lady traveling alone to Orlando, FL for a week... good/bad idea?

I'm a 43 year old woman and wishes to visit Orlando, FL. Never been and husband never wanted to go and friends of mine are not able to take time off from work, so I'm going alone. I have a condo rented in Kissimmee for a week at the end of May. Any good ideas on where to go? Is it stupid to want to go to Disney and Universal Studios by yourself? Girlfriend of mind thinks that this is such a bad idea. Want to get some honest feedback.

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    I have actually traveled alone to Disney. I actually flew out with a friend who had an emergency once we got to Orlando and had to leave that same day so we never were able to go to the parks together.

    Anyways, I decided that I was there already so I might as well go. I was nervous but ended up having the BEST time. Its was one of my most memorable trips. I chatted with cast members and people in line. I loved being able to do what I wanted when I wanted. I could run when I wanted to get someplace and not have to worry about someone keeping up. It was the best. I found that I got royal treatment when I went to the restaurants. Normally when I eat alone at a restaurant I have a book or play on my phone. At Disney the servers stopped and chatted with me. I actually talked with people at the next table over.

    Sure Disney is fun with friends and family but its still really fun even by yourself. People are extra friendly at the parks. It so easy to chat up someone in line while you wait. ALSO, you can easily and guilt free take the single rider lines.

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    My answer would be the same for a 65 year old man or a teenager student, It is basically a matter of using your own instincts and taking the most basic precautions. I have lived in the Orlando area since the 1970s/ At that time Orlando was starting to change fromr a quite rural small city , surrounded by orange groves. It is true that many people did not even have locks on their doors. Kissimmee was a nice quiet cow town. Cows - cows and more cows. The largest cattle ranch in the eastern USA is still just outside of Kissimmee. What has happened, the whole area is now part New York, part Detroit or Chicago or Miami and we do make certain our doors are locked. You do not say if you will be driving yourself. Kissimmee is quite a distance from Orlando.It might interest you to know that.Disney World is not in the city of Orlando. Also I have noticed from your previous answers that you are are well accustomed to alcoholic beverages. I would be extremely careful with this and do not go into any establishment without first checking very carefully the atmosphere. It might be of certain interest to realize it is not a matter of good and bad

    neighborhoods We have had probably the two most famous court trials in recent years, both in the Orlando area. (The second has not started as yet) Both events took place in "nice" middle class areas. Not in so called marginal places.

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    I moved to Orlando as a 19 year old female without knowing a single person in Florida. It's been almost 4 years and I haven't had any issues with personal safety or stolen items/break ins. From my opinion traveling here would be safe if you don't act like a tourist. Disney and Universal are great, even alone. I'd avoid the off property areas directly around Universal late at night (after about 11-12), they do tend to attract a little crime. I enjoy a lot of the natural springs in the area and and if you're into outdoors activities there is a kayak tour at night that is in one of the rivers with plankton that glow at night, It's really really cool and I believe $100 or so for the tour and equipment rentals. Be mindful of your surroundings and you'll have a great time!

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    I'm a 61-year-old male who has been doing Disney for a couple of months already alone and am enjoying myself tremendously. Just take the precautions I do for safety. Don't go out at night in questionable areas or where there are no other people around. Most people simply can't deal with doing anything alone so I wouldn't listen to your girlfriend's advice. You know better than she whether you are able to enjoy things without a companion.

    Enjoy your trip. The weather here is like Heaven on Earth right now most days and the parks are like living a fantasy!

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    You'll probably have a good time at the theme parks by yourself... I mean, think about it, you can go on whatever rides you want however many times you want, you can take breaks whenever you want, and you don't have to argue over where you want to eat. My only piece of advice is DO NOT walk around Orlando or any of it's suburbs alone, especially at night. Orlando has a lot of violent crime, and a woman walking around by herself would be an easy target. Maybe drive over to Tampa/Sarasota area and go spend the day at the beach. If you want to go shopping at all Mall at Millenia is in Orlando and it's a pretty awesome place, they also have some good restaurants in there. Have fun, just make sure to stay safe.

    Edit: Obviously the people who are saying Orlando is a "family friendly" place and that the tourist areas are "very safe" do not live in or around Orlando. I've lived 30 minutes from Orlando my entire life. Yes the theme parks are safe, but I wouldn't say outside of them are.

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    Fiddlesticks! It's a perfectly good idea if you use common sense. You're in a tourist-friendly area that is plenty safe. Disney World is very friendly for single can get in the "single rider" line at most rides and get on quicker if you don't mind riding with a stranger, and the shows and attractions are all very, very worth seeing. I love going by myself to Animal Kingdom and just slowly strolling along all the paths, taking my time and seeing things that the people traveling in hurried groups miss. Just watch out for yourself going to and from the parks. Look around, exude confidence and keep your head, you'll do fine.

    P. S. If your girlfriend thinks it's a bad idea, invite her to come along!


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    I don't see anything wrong with going to a theme park alone. Just "pretend" your husband needed to take a breather and is sitting on a park bench in the park while you "get your money's worth."

    I wouldn't go all over Orlando alone - not safe but visiting theme parks is cool. Bad part is that you aren't sharing the memories with anyone which for a lot of us it the coolest part.

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    your friend should just mind her own business unless she's gonna volunteer to go with you.

    its not a good idea nor a bad idea.

    its what ever you want to do.

    if you want to go tot he theme parks there is no reason why you shouldn't just cuz you are by yourself.

    if people are worried about your safety you can assure them that its a very family friendly place to visit and the safest place you can go is the theme parks and tourist attractions.

    i wouldn't necessarily recommend going to like a bar or something by yourself but it doesn't sound like thats what you're looking for anyways.

    do what you want to do.

    Source(s): 50 trips to disney world. been to universal orlando several times. i've NEVER EVER EVER felt unsafe when on a vacation in orlando.
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