Should I get my OTA associates then move on to my bachelor's?

Hey there, I'm in a bit of a pickle. I can continue on with my bachelor's in exercise science while taking prereqs, with the hopes of eventually getting into OT school for my MOT, which would require me to borrow throughout my entire bachelor's and most likely my OT school. Or I could go and get my associates in OTA, with the hopes of getting my bachelor's in OT followed by my MOT, What is the best option here? Is it easier to get into a bachelor's program from an associates in OTA? Any help is much appreciated!

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  • 8 years ago
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    With regard to OT school, there are no longer any accredited bachelor's (four-year) degree programs. OT schools are either at the master's or doctoral degree level. There may be some accredited combination bachelor's/master's degree programs in OT though.

    In addition to the associate degree, the OTA student must successfully complete (pass) a clinical fieldwork component (as with OT students) while receiving feedback (constructive criticism) by the clinical supervisor and having an actual patient caseload and then pass a certification exam in order to become a COTA (certified occupational therapy assistant). Most jobs for OTA (and OT) are probably in a nursing home setting. Just an fyi that the OT field may be both mentally (psychologically) and physically draining albeit I'm sure rewarding.

    Farrah Gray, young male multimillionaire and author of "Reallionaire", suggests asking oneself this question about a career path: "What would I do for years and years to come and not have to get paid?"

    Before taking pre-req course for OT/OTA, if you haven't already, please job shadow/observe in the various OT departments. Some examples of facilities that administer OT include a physical rehab hospital for those with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), spinal cord injury/paralysis, stroke "(brain attack") which is a type of brain injury, other neurological disorders, hip/shoulder/knee replacement, amputated limbs or such - pediatric hospital - nursing home/long-term care facility.

    With regard to schooling, please *avoid* those For-profit schools such as kaplan, argosy, capella, brown mackie, keiser, sanford brown, university of phoenix, devry, ITT tech, strayer and others. Their course credits usually do NOT transfer to other schools.

    This consumer site has a lot of posts by former students of those for-profit schools, and please heed the students' warnings: and can search.

    Please instead consider the local community college or state/public uni as long as the program is accredited within the industry. (Just an fyi that "american public university" is a for-profit school.)

    Just an fyi with re: to anatomy & physiology that "human anatomy" usually do NOT transfer to other schools. Most schools and programs require "general anatomy & physiology", so it's best to check with the programs of which you're interested *before* taking the pre-req classes.

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