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Need a new cordless drill for self home project?

I need a new cordless drill however I had a drill for cutting purpose. But I am looking for cordless drill with which I can easily perform self home projects at my own. Which type of drills can be used for home projects? How it could be if cordless drills will be definitely useful? How come about 18 volts "Basic cordless drill" which is with an adjustable clutch to maximize the drill's spinning power and an adjustable chuck which can accommodate drill bits as well as individual screwdriver bits. I want the best reviews about which brand of cordless drills are best to use like Dewalt cordless drills and Makita cordless drills.

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    All drills have adjustable chucks. Those with fixed chucks are called impact drivers or screwguns.

    Look on for cordless drill reviews.

    Source(s): I recommend this drill package:
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    I use Ryobi 18V lithium tools. I have drill/drivers, saws, routers and lights- all are run by the same type of battery. I have used them for 8-10 years and they are good for the home. Sold at Home Depot. also I would look into bits sets. You can put a 1/4" chuck in the drill and then you just snap in the drills or driver bits instead of have to tighten the chuck each time. Ask the associates at Home Depot to show you. Also wait for a sale of a set instead of buying piecemeal. For example I got 2 drill/drivers, 2 low profile 18v litium batteries and a charger for 129 as a set. If you bought it seperately the batteries and charger would have cost close to 120 so I got the drill/drivers for 9 bucks in effect. There are always sales. The other good brands are DeWalt and Rigid.

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    I have a couple of drills, both corded and battery. My all around favorite for light to medium duty is the Milwaukee angle drill because I can get into tight spaces. It is powerful, batteries last a long time, it has an LED light, feels good in the hand. It has a carrying case. Here is a link to the product description:

    I purchased mine at Home Depot

  • Jason
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    plenty of good cordless out there

    the vast majority will do what youve noted

    but the simple truth is, a "corded" drill will always be more powerful and more versatile

    and, dying batteries will never be an issue

    the only downside is you have a cord


    if youre drilling hardwood or steel "corded" is the only way to go

    moreso if you might be using larger drill bits or spade bits

    anyway, whichever way you unless youre oozing cash youll be buying to a price, just walk in a buy whats in your price range - you cant really go wrong

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  • Anonymous
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    Any of the leading brands will serve your purpose, but my best suggestion is look at buying a battery drill with Li-On batteries as this will last longer, unlike the lithium which if left unused for any length of time will fail, also Li-On can be part charged or top up charged without deterioration, unlike lithium types which need to be fully discharged or they form a false memory, Look on sites like CPC or FFX as they have very good deal on power tools.

    Source(s): my source is personal experience of purchasing and using these type of tools on a daily basis over many years.
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    Consumer Reports rates general home use drills as 1)Hitachi 18v. 2)Makita 18v. 3) Ridgid 18v 4) Dewalt 20v. December issue.

    Source(s): Master Electrician
  • Bill Z
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    I feel you cannot beat a dewalt. 18v is plenty of power and torque.

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    i would say dewalt or millwalkee

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