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any de frizz serums for frizzy hair?

i have very frizzy hair and after i have gym in school it becomes even worse and i do not want to have ugly looking hair for the rest of the day. are there any cream or serums that can help me out please.

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    my top favorite anti-frizz creams/serums :

    1.John Freida frizz ease

    {absolutely awesome, eons above pretty much anything else on the market}

    2. Toni and guy serum drops

    also try their smoothing leave in conditioner..

    3. TRESemme anti frizz creme

    4.Pantene antifrizz straightening creme - this one is the absolute best for treating the frizz you get when you are straightening/ironing/ blow drying your hair

    5. Garnier fructis calm down anti frizz cream - this one is the absolute best if you want a cream that tames the frizz, but leaves your curls intact and bouncy and fluffy and doesnt weigh it down, or make your hair limp

    actually, on the whole, for frizz control, the right shampoo and conditioner are waay more useful than any cream/serum, coz these either end up making your hair downright greasy, or oily, or heavy and limp. So a good conditioner, followed by leave in, works really well - oh! and when your showering after gym, make sure you condition!it'll just take 5 mins more, and its pretty much the best way to manage frizzy hair!!

    ps. personally i utterly hate the dove and suave products..they make my hair utterly awful, but my roommate uses the Dove one a lot..

    hope this helps!!

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    Use John frieda's frizz ease shampoo and conditioner, use their serum as well during the day! It's really good!

  • 4 years ago

    dont use oil, or something! 4 frizzy hair they say it works- it makes it delicate,, yet in addition very very grimy. a million. use your wide-spread shampoo, 2. then use you conditioner 3. brush your hair interior the bathe mutually as u wash out ur conditioner 4. do this returned then get out the bathe - dont wask all the conditioner out. 5. brush your hair with the parting u want 5. then positioned 2 plaits on your hair mutually as its moist on the two area 6. go away it there till completely dry. 7. then take it out! suitable!!!!!!!!! believe ME!!! THIS WORKS 4 ANY HAIR varieties!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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