Facial rash....contact dermatitis?

My doctor diagnosed me with contact dermatitis on my face, neck and a little on my arms. It seems its most likely from a switch in laundry detergent. Food and other irritants were ruled out.

It started with a slight itch on my face, forehead got a little red. It spread down my face to my neck and a few small patches on my arms. On my face, it looks very much like windburn, very red, a bit raised, some small bumps, pretty itchy.

This is my third day of prednisone (60 mg daily x7 days) and puffiness has gone down but there redness is still there. Itch is still present, and I'm using hydrocortisone and benadryl to help.

I'm almost tempted to try some triamcinolone cream I have on it, but that might not be the best idea.

So far it only seems to be clearing up slightly, do I just need to be patient or is something other than prednisone needed?

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  • teri
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    8 years ago
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    I had the same thing medication did not work because actually what I had was fluoride toxicity. doctors do not want to believe this I don't know why everyone I run into that has it says the same thing but if that is the case the only remedy is to avoid fluoride I can not even bathe in fluoridated water or I will get sick

    Source(s): I have fluoride toxicity www.fluoridealert.org ww.slweb.org
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