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What Are "The Big Three Anime"?

What Are They, why are they called Like That, and some more info.

Are They Huge? Are they making money everything you know please.

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    1- One Piece

    2- Naruto

    3- Bleach

    in that order .

    there have always been a big 3 and they have always come from Shounen Jump , they are very long and filled with action and very entertaining , they always get an anime adaptation and create an entire universe with their plot .

    the current three are very long , they have been going on since the late 90's ( talking about the manga ) , One Piece has over 700 chapters , Naruto has over 600 and Bleach has over 500 , keep in mind in a year less than 50 chapters are released and that number maybe even less if the author takes a lot of breaks .

    Yes they make a ton of money from the manga , anime , merchandise , a lot of countires have licensed both the anime and the manga , for example all three are licensed to be released in English both in anime and manga form .

    now look at the anime Bleach has over 300 and it could have been more if they didn't end the anime since it was getting close to the manga , One Piece has over 500 episodes and Naruto has 2 parts , the first one was about 200 episodes and the second shippuden has over 300 episodes and let's not forget about all the movies , games , OVA's and specials , there are too many to count .

    basically the concept of he big three isn't new previously there was Dragon Ball , YuYu Hakushu and Roruni Kenshin , they are Huge , bring in a lot of money and have even a bigger fan base

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    Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece.

    They're very popular and incredibly long series (several hundred episodes apiece) and they're bringing in tons of money for the creators. The Bleach anime ended, however, so fans may consider Fairy Tail to be the new competitor for it's previous title. One Piece is currently the number one popular anime in Japan while Naruto is considered the most popular in North America.

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    The Big 3 are Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach

    as Unlucky Crossing explained above me, they're just that, 3 big very popular anime, but currently, Bleach's anime has come to an end and Fairy Tail took the spot for the 3rd big anime until its anime ended as well, now the 3rd big anime is most likely Toriko since it's almost as popular as One Piece in Japan, but Toriko's popularity in the west isn't very big

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    Worldwide it is



    3. One piece

    In Japan its

    1. One piece

    2. Naruto

    3.bleach. Well it just ended so fairy tail is considered a better replacement then toriko

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    Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach.

    Each one is very long-running and extremely popular (especially in the west), which makes them stand out and earns them that name.

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    Naruto bleach and one piece

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