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A lot of big fights coming up this weekend so lets get to tuit .?

1. Zab Super Judah vs. Danny smooth Garcia this is going to be one hell of a fight . I am a big Zab Judah fan he is fighting at home . I got to go with Zab on this one I know it don't look good but I can not let my boy down in his own home town. I am not saying this is going to be easy because Danny is a really good fighter he will be ready when the bell rings . Danny is 25-0 that will mean something in this fight. Zab by TKO in the 4th round.

2.Wilder vs Harrison this should be a descent fight everything depends on Harrison because we all know what Wilder is going to do. Wilder is right hand happy the problem is Harrison is a south paw that really can box when he wants to . I think Wilder is going to be in a life and death struggle for the first 4 rounds then he will start to walk Harrison down . By the 7th round Harrison will get tired and quit. Wilder by knock out in the 7th.

3.Chris Arreloa vs. Stievens this is going to be a war I see Chris winning this by knock out in the second round or third round.

4. Martinez will win by knock out in the 5th round agains Murry who is over his head in this fight.


Mr.the fight start at 10:00 Eastern time.

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    Garcia by KO in 10 in a barnburner.

    Wilder will go past 4 but get's his KO in 6.

    Arreola get's tired but wins a UD

    Martinez also by UD in a surprisingly good fight.

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    1, I sure hope Zab employs his advantage in experience to the hilt to be able to have the chance of winning against Swift.

    2. I am going with Wilder on this one, by KO/TKO.

    3. I don't know but I guess I have to go with Arreola who's a more proven fighter.

    4. I think Martinez will be tested somehow but will win pulling away in the end.

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    What time does danny vs judah start?

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