why is the AZ Attorney General not responsible for felony charges against Yavapai County Attorney?

I have tried and tried to get the Arizona Attorney General's Office to investigate and file felony criminal charges against the Yavapai County Attorney and 4 of her deputies. I have video evidence that child abuse accured, I have Superior Court Orders from AZ, District Court Order from MN, text messages, just an abundance of evidence that Child abuse, Custodial Interference, numerous Perjured testimony, and Introducing intoxicting liquer and alcohol into a minor without their consent, all felony charges and the Yavapai County Attorney herself Sheila S. Polk and her deputies refuse to file charges against the mother of my daughter because she is a female. They cite "it is a domestic situation", or the "video is grainy", and "these matters are best dealt with in the civil process not criminal".

So why is it that the AZ Attorney General is able to take the position that it is not within their duty or power to investigate such gross malfeasence, hindering prosecution, obstruction of justice and conspiracy by public officials who fail to perform their duties and protect the public? Why is the States position that they have no control or influence over the Yavpai COunty Attorney even though they are suppose to be the highest law enforcement in AZ?

Please view the video and read the text which might give you more info as to what I have been through and continue to go through in dealing with such public officials.


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I posted the video on YouTube because it is not right of the Yavapai County Attorney to not prosecute someone because they are female.

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    Contact the media. www.myfoxphoenix.com

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