How to use math in video games?

I recently saw a video on youtube of a not too famous youtuber. He said something about using math in video games is a great advantage. But how the hell do I do it?

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    8 years ago
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    Ever watch the tv show numbers? It pretty much tells you how math is used in everyday situations, such as how a water sprinkler sprays water and how the water pattern looks like.

    In fighting games, fughters have different strength and quickness, so you use math to calculate if the defender escapes a punch, or if it gets hit. If it gets hit, how much damage.

    In rpg, you use math to find the odds of something happening with modifiers. A sword with +4 striking a +2 heavy armor does different damage than a +4 club striking a +2 chain mail. You need bath to figure out the odds of the weapon making contact and how much damage it should do.

    In racing games, you use math, specifically physics, to decide if the car will make that turn going 100 mph or will it slide and crash because there's not enough centrifugal force to keep the car in place.

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    In basically all video games, math is used at the very high levels of skilled play IE mix/maxing.

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    A lot of RPG games require a lot of math depending on how complex you play.

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