Is it a myth that attractive women don't get asked out?

i am often reading stories about men being intimidated by beautiful women, but i have not found that to be true. i know a very attractive woman who gets asked out literally dozens of times a day, has cell phone numbers of 30 or so guys who she can call and they wil take her out to a nice restaurant in an instant and she does not even sleep with them. my own girlfriend is attractive and can barely go to the grocery store without getting followed, and has had guys put their numbers on the door of her car. i just have a hard time believing any beautiful women waiting at home alone for someone to call her.

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    I think it's true in some way. I think that some guys are overly confident and will ask a very attractive women out, however I think it's not for the right reasons as in actually liking her. This may not be true for all guys but some. I think the shyer men are actually liking her for all the right reasons. I think if the women should be friendly and show she's a very love able person to talk to, I think that would make it easier for guys.

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    5 years ago

    I won't play Warcraft (I feel that its a type of virtual crack) but I've always been a squaresoft fan and love Japanese RPGs. I don't play them as often now (who has time?) but I bought my man a Playstation 3 for Christmas and admittedly knew when I bought it that I would be using it too. I may not be a 10, but I get enough compliments to know I'm relatively attractive. So yeah, the whole "only ugly women play video games" is a total myth. I know lots of women who play (or used to play) that are very attractive.

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    I have read (and investigated) a lot on that subject on PUA forums, etc. and I found out that while they may get asked out they don't go out as much as they could just because they don't usually want more out of guys that talk to them for the first time. And some people with great game don't consider themselves capable of girls like her but the guys with the best game out there do. So when they go out to get pretty attractive girls they use their best game and don't make a single mistake. So, most of the guys chasing them aren't good enough for her because of that.

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    8 years ago

    I'm considered "attractive," (by others though. I don't go around talking about how darn attractive I am), and never get asked out. Guys just stare, and that's about it. However, I'm shy and not one to put out "come hither" looks, so maybe that has something to do with it.

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  • 8 years ago

    It is true. Alot dint get a call or asked out. Everyone says im pretty.. funny.. attractive... ect. But no one has ever made the 1st move on me.

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