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Where to go on family vacation?

Hi! So my family of 4 decided to go on a big vacation this year but don't know where. My mom, dad, brother(17), and me(14). Oh and I'm a girl if just so you know. We wanna go on vacation somewhere around the beginning of August because that's when my mom put in as her vacation time. I want to go somewhere far away that we can fly to because I just love flying in airplanes :) We were thinking of Cancun, but we don't know what hotel we would stay at that's not to expensive. My dad says he wants a room that has atleast 2 beds and an extra room so we're not all crammed in together. We were also thinking of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, or the Mayan Riviera. My dad's not so much worried about the cost of the hotel as much as the cost of the flights since they're rather expensive. I was looking at the Riu Cancun as a hotel and my dad liked it but I couldnt find many flights that were not so expensive. So my question: Where should we go that is the most fun? Which hotels would you recommend? And if anyone could suggest good flights that would be amazing.

We would be leaving from BWI airport btw. Oh and if you have past experiences please share!!

Thanks so much<3


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  • 8 years ago
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    Some past experiences :)

    Tenerife, Spain

    Hotel that we stayed at : Los Gigantes It is a beautiful hotel! Nice pool. People are so friendly. Evening entertainment.


    Puerto De La Cruz. Also a stunning hotel.

    Attractions: Mount Teidy (it is amazing) The cable cars up the mountain are so much fun and can enjoy the views together!

    Also, Loro Parque is so fun. It is great for all the family.

    Hope this helps. Have a look at some other places around Tenerife. But I strongly suggest going there. It is a beautiful place to go for a holiday for a family. :)

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    Saint Luica

    Trindad and Tobago

    Puerto Rico

    Saint Marten


    Saint vincent and the Grenadians

  • 8 years ago

    Visit Italy, a nation teeming with culture.

    Go to Venice, Florence, Pompeii, Rome or some other fascinating place.

    Happy holidays to you! :)

    Source(s): I've been to Italy seven times in the past ten years.
  • 4 years ago

    bypass to Vermont, bypass trekking everywhere, if trekking isn't your element, take the gondola from Stowe to the precise of Mt. Mansfield, the tallest mountain in Vermont, bypass procuring in downtown Burlington on Church St, bypass to the Echo technological know-how midsection, Shelburne Farms, Shelburne Museum, the Burlington bikepath, bypass to or stay interior the VonTrapp kin inn, initially outfitted via the comparable kin from the Sound of track. interior the iciness bypass snowboarding at Bolton Valley hotel. permit me understand if this helps.

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    La ciudad de Niza es el mejor punto de partida para comenzar a recorrer la Costa Azul y aquí descubrirás como recorrer a esta ciudad magnifico. En Niza podrás revistar y disfrutar de sus playas y del casco histórico, con antiguas calles que lo atraviesan. En Niza todavía tendrás una buena ofrecimiento cultural con la ayuda de museos como: el Musée Matisse, el Musée des Beaux-Arts, el Museo Chagall, el MAMAC (Museo de Arte Moderno y de Arte Contemporáneo) y el Museo de Artes Asiáticas. Hay muchos sitios por ver en Niza y la Plaza Masséna reacondicionada con sus siete estatuas que se iluminan a la caída de la noche es sin duda uno de estos sitios al igual que el viñedo de Bellet que fue plantado en la época de la fundación de Marsella.

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    Go to Asia, very nice.

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