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14 year old birthday party ideas?

i am turning 14 and i wanted a beach party, but it doesnt look like the weather is on my side. i dont want bowling or laser tag parties. i want something like a dance party..? i dont really know. my budget is $700 and i have 40 people i want to come...i dont want boring, i want a fun party!! 10 pts best answer! help meee please(:


for boys and girls

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    Would you consider a chocolate spa and murder mystery; "Death by Chocolate?"

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    well how about you do a cook out on the beach



    Few sides dishes

    chips with some diop

    Vegtable Platter ranch dips



    Make caribbean Party

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    Hey, i have the perfect idea.

    if you want to change your mind with the quantity of people you can go with your bestfriends:

    places u can go- amusement park

    rock climbing



    perhaps shopping at a big shopping centre ( fun although you do want to bring lots of money)


    random school fates - like your primary school, only if its a coincident like near your b'day (usually they sell food, have rides , one word-funn)

    other parties like:

    slumber(sleep over w bestest friends have all sorts of fun activities) like makeup, dress up and do dare and stuff

    FULL HOUSE party(like disco but all over your house pretty crazy, you will need to clean up later and yeah your parents might not like it (invite about 25 people and more) probs more this i wont suggest since you dont sound like the crazy type and are too young. and you can put damn loud music on speakers.if you have a pool at your house even better.

    family party (just a night out having dinner with fam/ at home celebrating

    home party with friends about 5-20 people , fun activities - game like -muderer in dark, pop the balloon on your foot, musical chairs, pass the parcel

    others0 what ever else u can think of

    all in honesty consider these factors: you can practically design your own party


    clean up afterwards?


    party atmosphere (wild, crazy, fun , relaxing, simple, etc)?

    length of time?



    all up to u birthday girl :)

    Source(s): years of experience partayinng, or me myself and i
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    Sometimes smaller hotels that have large rooms for meetings will rent those out. Our family rented one for a big family get together. You can probably find a simi-pro young DJ to do the music. Good luck and happy birthday! :)

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