Did honda make a 1984 VFR 500 Interceptor?

just bought a bike, title says VFR 500 ans has INTERCEPTOR decal all over it but everyone tells me they didn't make a VFR in 500 cc and says its a VF 500F, DId honda make a Interceptor model with 500cc in 1984

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yes and no. The Interceptor was introduced in 1984 with the VF 500. The VFR didn't come until later, and there was never a VFR 500. So yes it's the Interceptor and yes it was made in 1984, but it wasn't a VFR.

  • Dan H
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    8 years ago

    No, Honda never made a bike called the VFR 500. They called it the VF500F Interceptor.

    It was all the same family though and looked a lot like it's bigger, later brothers.

    The VF series were the first ones, the VFR siblings came out starting in 1986 model years.

    And, yes, the VFxxxF series were called Interceptors.

  • 4 years ago

    the unique interceptor grow to be a 750. even although, by ability of 1984 i've got faith it grow to be downsized to seven-hundred. whether the identity plate has been far flung from the physique the VIN type must be stamped into the physique itself (often on the guidance head tube), with the VIN the areas counter people on the close by Honda keep must be waiting to figuere out precisely which form it relatively is.

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