On Roseanne did David have a dream about her?

I could have sworn there was an episosde where David has a "sex dream" & everyone thinks it was about Becky and David blabs " I had a dream about Mrs. Conner". How did that episode end?


OOPS! I meant to place this in "comedy". Sorry please answer if you can?

Update 2:

No youtube links. I don't have sound on my stupid laptop!

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    Yes! I just saw that episode last week. He has a dream and everyone thinks it was about Becky but when Mark finds out and starts beating him up for it, he admits it was really about Roseanne, not Becky.

    Well when Roseanne finds out she kind of freaks out. Dan tries to comfort her and tells her it's normal and he admits that he once had a sex dream about Bev(Roseanne's mom).

    Oh and when Becky finds out, she's disappointed that it wasn't about her.

    David and Roseanne have a talk about it and she tells him it's awkward but the dream just meant that he feels very close to her and that she thinks of him as her son. And he tells her that she's been a better mom to him than his own mom. They make a few jokes and laugh it off.

    The end scene, Dan and Roseanne are in the kitchen and Bev comes in and Dan doesn't know this but apparently Roseanne told Bev about Dan having a sex dream about her a long time ago. Bev asks Dan if he can come over and do a few things for her like change a light bulb and things like that and then she says "and then we can have some sex!" She laughs and leaves and then Roseanne looks the other way while Dan looks mad at her.

    The end.

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    7 years ago

    David Had A Sex Dream About Roseanne

    from 714 Delaware Street by Dan Conner

    \This was a song from the album:


    Confided in Fake Becky but she didn't understand

    He had a sexy dream, but the dream was about Roseanne!

    And now Mark's pissed because he's confused, too

    He thinks David likes Becky; if he only knew!

    David had a sex dream about Roseanne!

    Getting down and dirty, making David a man!

    David, Roseanne

    Rocking Rosie's world, just like Dan!

    Dan says he's a perfectly healthy adolescent lad

    to think nothing of the dream, not to overreact

    He knows it's just a thing that happens, even though it's wrong

    because he once had a dream about Roseanne's mom (gross!)

    And now it's really weird...

    In the end when they say that about Dan and Roseanne's mom, Dan cringes and bows his head like he can't believe it.

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