What is online sale tax about ?

What does online sale tax mean .Are they going to higher sales tax on purchases online .Everytime I have bought something online I have paid taxes + shiping if anything some places have offered free shipping but still have paid taxes . I'm confused, am I simply ingnorant or is it that I have not ordered tax free stuff .I do not understand this. I do not see nothing new here .just 'll ast month ordered a wii u and a camera online payed almost $70 of sale tax and got free shipping .

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  • 7 years ago
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    While you have ordered on line and paid a sales tax based on the value of your purchase, I think that I can safely say that you are in the minority.

    Apparently, if you believe all of the hyperbole, there are a vast number of individuals who order merchandise on line from organizations who do not have a physical presence in their state and because the retailer does not have physical presence in their state, they are not paying a sales tax to their state government on these out of state purchases.

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  • 4 years ago

    relies upon on the state you reside in...Oregon has no revenues tax and if the headquarters is placed out of state you isn't cost revenues tax, yet often on line shops will supply out a confirmation digital mail with the suited expenditures to comprehend for optimistic.

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