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how to clear the url bar of sites when typing?

whenever i type in the url box for a website, something will pop up and it bugs me because my little sister always goes on stupid sites. how can i get them to stop popping up when i type?


i type "b" and appears below it

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  • 8 years ago
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    Why are you typing it in? Just drag it from the text into the address line. I keep a list of web addresses on an open notepad file for referral purposes. I don't use them much myself so I don't want them as bookmarks but when ever somebody needs it I can just grab it and put it in the text or put the address. There's really no need to type web addresses if you know the tricks of using your browser. This link has 20 cool tricks you can do with Chrome web browser.

    And this one has a few more tricks and shows you cool extensions you can add to make your browsing experience a lot easier.

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