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What is a navy yeoman and EOD tech?

My son wants to join and this is the list of jobs he is considering

1. Boatswains mate

2. EOD technician

3. Yeoman

4. Aviator

5. Aircraft engineer

Which are the most dangerous/safest on a scale of 1-10 and what is a yeoman and EOD tech

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    EOD is Explosive Ordnance DISPOSAL and sadly, I used no explosives today.

    Watch the video below it is the first part of a series that documents pre deployment training for Navy EOD.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Everyone thinks EOD is dangerous and while a mistake will likely take your life, there are many things that are more dangerous. 47 Navy EOD Techs are currently on the EOD Memorial Wall meaning they paid the ultimate sacrifice and past while performing their EOD job. That isn't bad considering EOD started in 1942 and 11 of those 47 were a result of WWII. 19 are from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The Army has 146 on the wall with 54 deaths as a result of WWII. 42 as a result of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The Marines have 74 on the wall with 3 deaths as a result of WWII. 45 as a result of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The Air Force have 32 on the wall with 0 deaths as a result of WWII. 20 as a result of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The number of deaths has nothing to do with the training as all branches receive the same basic course in NAVSCOLEOD at Eglin Air Force Base run by the Navy. In the beginning of Iraq, the Army was overwhelmed by the number of IEDs and it took a bit to elicit the assistance of the other branches and the military had to change the way they were fighting the insurgency.

    There have been a total of 6,647 deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan so far and only 126 were EOD Techs. That is less than 2% of the fatalities.

    Even an admin clerk has its dangers. The USS Cole was bombed in port and killed 17 sailors. The FBI reported that 13,913 people were murdered in the US in 2011 so is the military really dangerous?

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    If you want a good place to check out all the Navy jobs, or rates as they are called, you can go to either of these:

    EOD is like 11 on 1-10 as far as danger, yeoman would be more like a 1. They push papers.

    Aviator would be like a pilot so you need to be an officer, and aircraft engineer would be the guys working on the planes on the carriers making sure they stay in top shape. (If he's goes that route, don't let him get tricked into picking AO, or Aviation Ordinanceman. Those are the guys who load bombs onto the planes all day long. I would suggest ABE, they shoot the planes off the deck and catch them when they land. Either that or AD, they are the mechanics on the aircraft. Cool job)

    Hope this helps!

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    A yeoman is a relatively safe job. It involves a lot of paperwork.

    An EOD Technician is basically a member of a bomb squad. Along with working very closely to explosives, Navy EOD techs are trained to scuba dive, jump out of planes, and have lots of combat training so they can integrate with special operations groups like Army Green Berets and Navy SEALs. Needless to say, it's a very dangerous job.

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    1. BM is equivalent to civilian's Maintenance Personnel

    2. EOD Technician is equivalent to civilian's Bomb Technician in the Bomb Squad

    3. Yeoman is equivalent to civilian's secretary

    4. Aviator is equivalent to civilian's plane or helicopter pilot; it is only for officers.

    5. Aircraft Engineer is equivalent to civilian's Aircraft Mechanic (not referring to people that design and build aircraft)

    Potential physical danger of being a YN; getting a paper cut (it hurts).

    Potential physical danger of being an EOD Tech.; die, lost of limbs, lost of hearing (but I still have my life, all of my limbs, majority of my hearing, and about half of my brain).

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    YNs are glorified secretaries. and I thought it was no more? merged with a couple of other ADMIN ratings to become PS( personnel Specialist).. I may be wrong on that.

    EOD is explosive ordnance disposal.. probably the most intrinsically dangerous of all the ratings he listed.

    Aviator is a not an enlisted position at all, Only Officers can be Aviators.

    BM is the oldest and most generalized rating.

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    Yeoman is pretty much just a paper pusher.

    EOD tech works with live explosives daily.

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    EOD is Explosives Ordinance Disposer, pretty much Bomb Squad. Navy has the best EOD very much respected. They can do missions with Special Ops or SEALs, they can go to jump school, dive school.

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