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WoW Hunter Or Warrior?

Hey, I'm trying to decide whether to be a hunter or a warrior. I like the feel of both and i want to know which one is better for PvP and taking on mobs and 1v1. I would also like to know which spec, race, talent build, and glyph for which ever class is better. Thanks

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    hunters are overpowerd atm so go with that ur ranged and u get a pet to tank all the add while u sit safly away and pawn them go BM also and check out for other info

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  • 4 years ago

    First off, if you've played with both, which do you love high-quality? I in my view like Hunter, I just like the ranged weapons and having a pet. If you're extra into melee fighting go with the Warrior. It can be really more about your selection.

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