Do I need to setup the Fail-Safe, GPS, M and A when configuring my Naza Controller?

I just bought a dji f450 and noticed on the Naza assistant software, under TX CALI, there is the control mode switches such as GPS, Fail-Safe, A and M. Do these options need to be configured or can the defaults just be left as how they came? If I need some of these setup, which ones are necessary and which ones are just convenient? What is the easiest way to set these options up on my dx6i? Not sure i fully understand the purpose of these options. GPS I believe is for holding a specific position. A which stands for attitude im not sure what this is for. Fail-Safe most likely is for allowing the machine to land itself. And M is manual, for manual flight. What are the minimum choices needed to be selected? I mean, can I select only failsafe and leave the other options unselected?

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    8 years ago
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