Help developing the assassins guild for my story?

Should the assassins guild be a full society with their own culture, that train initiates and so on; or should it simply be the hit man's equivalent of a workers union? In other words, should the guild be made up of initiates trained by the guild; all using the same style of magic/combat (with a distinct culture separate from other assassins)? Or should it just be a union that all would-be assassins (pre-trained, with any background) are forced to join and pay tribute too in exchange for protection as well as a way to find work?

Also, should individualism be encouraged or discouraged? Should assassins who are members actually be able to build a name for themselves outside of the guild, or is a member just a member? Should contractors be able to know and/or request specific assassins, or should they just higher "the guild"; and whoever is put on the job is put on the job?

Which is the most realistic?

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  • 7 years ago
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    as for the guild do a hybrid make where the assassins r members and can train apprentices but get rated based on the diffeculty of the job and how well they stealthy took out the target the goal being unseen or unheard without anyone knowing their involvement

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  • 7 years ago

    No make it so everyone uses different magic to make it more spread out and interesting also it makes people want to see the new moves more. Also you should try to make a ruling that no one should break but the main character does which brings me to the next thing individualism should be discouraged. The people should able to build a name for themselves you can cause about 1/4 of the fights they have from the reputation that they have.

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