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Fondant Cake question!?

I'm going to make a surprise cake (with fondant) for my little brother for his birthday, in about 2 weeks.

My grandfather is coming the day BEFORE his birthday and I won't be able to make the cake that day or the day before that because I'll be very busy.

Basically, how long can I keep fondant cake before the fondant ruins or something. Plus, any tips for storage? I've never used fondant before but I do know it's temperature sensitive :/

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    At least a week. Just keep it refrigerated.

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    About a week and just put it in the fridge unless it will go sweaty and the fondant will go sticky. Take note fondant lasts quite a while so if you have any left over wrap it with cling film and store it at room temp (in a cupboard) then you can use it again if needed! :)

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