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Famous People 1900s-1990s?

I'm doing a design project in Language Arts and need ten people from the 1900s-1990s that had a famous 'look'. I have Marilyn Manroe,Audrey Hepburn, and Elvis, but I need ten more people who wore something that made a real statement. My partner and I are re-doing their looks into more modern ways. They can be male or female, like if an actor always wore a pinstriped suit, we could redo that. Thanks for all your help. xx


P.S. and maybe give the time they wore a really influential outfit? Like when Marilyn wore her signiture white dress, give the movie or appearance. Thanks.

Update 2:

P.S.S. also, if it could be something not so scandalous, that would be preferred. I have to show this in front of the class, and it would be rather awkward to talk about something like that.

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    Theda Bara

    Betty Grable

    Veronica Lake

    Ava Gardner

    Keely Smith

    Clark Gable

    Orson Wells

    Kirk Douglas

    Burt Lancaster

    Elton John

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    Liz Hurley and the Versace Safety Pin Dress (woirn to premiere 4 weddings and a funeral 1984 ish)

    Coco Chanel and the Little Black Dress (worn byAudrey Hepburn)

    Mary Quant and the mini skirt (Twiggy)

    David Bowie Ziggy Stardust/Aladdin Sane

    Sex Pistols/Vivien Westwood-Malcolm McLaren

    Princess Diana and the Emmanuel's crumpled wedding frock

    Madonna and the Blonde Ambition look

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    Jackie Kennedy, definitely. The pink Chanel suit she wore when her husband was assassinated was very famous. Her husband said it was his favorite outfit of hers, and she wore it often. (see

    Princess Diana - her wedding dress.

    Elizabeth Taylor

    Coco Chanel, of course

    Iris Apfel

    Frank Sinatra

    Grace Jones

    Humphrey Bogart


    Al Capone

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    "Twiggy" was a very influential model in the 1960's who's look changed the entire modeling industry! She was known for her bold short hair, giant eyes and twig-thin body.

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    cary grant

    frank sinatra

    grace kelly

    veronica lake (she was big in the 1940s)

    george clooney

    brad pitt

    mel gibson (he was huge huge cerca 1990)

    pam grier (1970s)


    jackie kennedy

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