What are some good books about "The Forbidden City"?

My school has a library with at least ten-thousand different books. But, I can't find a good book to give me facts and information about this place, I am doing a project, and I can't find anything on the computer. I know there is a book out there called "Forbidden City". We don't have that book. I need at least 5 books that have good presentable facts about the city. Any book titles would be appreciated. Thanks. c:


Any Input?

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    7 years ago
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    Twilight in the Forbidden City by Sir Reginald Fleming Johnston

    The Forbidden City: The Great Within by Caroline Courtauld, May Holdsworth

    The Forbidden City by Geremie Barme

    Within the Forbidden City by David Price

    The Forbidden City by Hu Chui

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