Pro-life Christians, do you think it is moral to work for a health insurance company?

I'm Catholic and pro-life. There is a large health insurance company near my home where I grew up and I would like to move back near home and work for them as an actuary.

However, I am concerned by the fact that they (and all health insurance companies) are required by law to provide abortion services. Also, other things such as "contraceptives" which Catholics are against.

So would it be moral to work for them knowing that my employer pays for things that are against the teachings of the church?

Right now, I would say, Yes, it is okay to work for them. After all, there are many immoral things that the national government does and it is okay to be employed by the government.

Your thoughts and opinions will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!


Ukengins, I have no idea what you just said and how it relates to my question.

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    7 years ago
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    Boy, that's a tough one. Like you mentioned, working for the government also has this connection with death and destruction via the military. I suppose it depends on if you hold to a system of ethics that attaches moral responsibility to you as a link in a chain of causation. More importantly, is this the kind of ethics that the Bible lays down? But look at it this way: let's say you run a hotel, and a couple who is not married checks into a room and has premarital sex. Does this make you morally responsible since you provided the room for them? I'd say no. You just provided the room. What they did with it afterwards is their own responsibility as free moral agents. Similarly, all you're doing here is providing insurance, If some people use it to terminate a pregnancy, it's just an unfortunate consequence of living in a sinful world. You can hardly escape such things regardless of your profession.

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    3 years ago

    There may be a concept a thinking person might desire to draw close. Constitutionally abortion is (properly) a state rely. not a federal rely. meaning it is going to be dealt with on the state point. meaning it is going to be state money, not federal money determining to purchase government funded abortions. i comprehend it is annoying for some human beings to comprehend. they might't comprehend that federal, state, and, community governments each have or might desire to have separate sales for separate concerns. Is abortion or something like it reported interior the Preamble the the form? i've got in no way considered it there. ask your self a query think ofyou've have been given to examine. What became into the actual decision surpassed down in Roe v Wade?

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    7 years ago

    That is a question you can only answer for yourself. Life is full of things, and people, and places, that do not do "what the bible says". If we removed ourselves from it all, we'd be hermits and that is not our purpose. Talk it over with the Lord, though, He will guide you.

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    one of the conditions of moral full having consent...kinda hard to have full consent if the government or your boss is holding a gun to your head and removing your freewill to believe in your belief.

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  • 7 years ago

    What do you want?

    A silver service award or a paycheck?

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    7 years ago

    You either believe in your causes or you don't. You are either for life preserving or you are not. It's that simple.

  • 7 years ago

    no if that's the only work you can find. i mean you don't have too agree with what their doing. i mean god knows you got to work.

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