Child clams up and wont talk to CPS what can I do?

This child has been abused by his father and we report it to CPS but every time they try to interview him he clams up and won't tell them anything. He is six and during the interview he will go to the bathroom several times and constantly change the subject but he will not tell them what happened. When they leave he tells me it is because he is scared daddy will find out and hurt him again. I know how he feels because the father has told me that if he can not have the child then no one can, that I better watch me back because he knows how to get rid of me. That he'd rather see the child dead than with anyone but him. Things like this. He always says it to me face-to-face and makes sure no one else hears. What can I do?? There is no proof so its my word against his. I feel like he is very dangerous because he was the top marksman in his unit in the army (he got out in 2011 and trying to get back in) Has been trained in had to hand combat and has been on antidepressants and has recently stopped taking them (about a month ago) I'm scared for me and my family including my grandbaby who lives with me until June 7th when he is supposed to go back to his dad. I can't afford an attorney either.


K W We are the grandparents and have joint custody with the dad. This has been through court and he managed to keep the abuse out of court. He has seen the child 4 times in 2 years and only called him half a dozen times. The threats took place on his 3 unsupervised visits, christmas break, spring break and a 2 1/2 hour visit. The threats to me were made when we took the child to him and picked the child up. This guy is clever and sneaky he loves to play mind games but there is No doubt he will carry through with his threats or try to anyway

Update 2:

Sorry the abuse is sexual and the last visit there was a bruise.. Also psychological example telling the child that he(the dad) will go to jail if he dont quit telling what happened. The child talks openly with me and his counselor as well.

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    Get a recorder. Most cell phones will record voice. Just turn it on when you are there and leave it in you pocket. You can buy digital recorders at Radio Shack and Wal Mart and you can get a hidden mic to plug into. Then you would have evidence to give CPS.

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    I would seek a therapist as soon as possible for the child. Also, get a digital recorder to hold w/ you every time you are around the childs father. Call law colleges in your area and see if there are any programs to get an attorney. Also, seek help from your local domestic violence shelter, they might have ideas and ways to help you. Call anyone and everyone to look for help. Welfare offices, churches, etc. Someone might just know of someone who can help. Oh, how I hurt for you and wish you the best of luck through this.

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    ok, so you two are split?

    and he gets the kid every other weekend or what?!

    you never say how you know he is getting abused!

    are there marks? or does he tell you?!


    obviously this is quite difficult.

    the only way you can do this is to file charges in court, OR petition the court for supervised visits only

    don't use a lawyer or you won't have any money left.

    best wishes

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