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Why does Mitchell get a rematch with Banks?

Why does Seth Mitchell get a rematch with Johnathon Banks? Was there a clause in the contract?

Do you think Mitchell deserves a rematch? And do you think the outcome will be any different this time?

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    Yea, Mitchell had a rematch clause in the contract.

    I guess he deserves a rematch, it was in the contract after all. The first fight was a wipeout though....

    I think Banks will stop Mitchell again, Seth's chin is HORRIBLE...just straight glass.

    However, Banks is a natural cruiserweight and never was considered a durable guy even at that smaller weight. I think MItchell could stop Banks, but Banks can obviously hurt/stop Mitchell and is the higher skilled, faster, and by far the more seasoned fighter.

    I think Banks by a stoppage at some point, but I could see Mitchell catching Banks w/ something heavy and putting him away. I'm taking Banks officially though.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Banks by knock out in the 7th. Look Banks knows all he has to do is wait on Mitchell to make a big mistake and he will then jump on him. Easy work for Banks.

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