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my parrot is bored, what can i do? please help me , thanks?

Hi i bought a toy for my budgie and he seems really bored with it. I put another toy for him and he doesnt even touch it. HE looks bored and all he does is eat and sleep. i try to play with him every minute i get but he doenst want to play. i really cant buy any thing for him right now because of personal bussiness. so what can i do to entertain my budgie. i dont want him to get bad habits from this so how can i help him. please no mean comments


i have a mirror for him and i never thought about toilet paper rolls. thanks. can yo uplease email me at

i have some questions

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    budgies need many toys to stimulate their minds, especially if you keep only one,in the wild budgies live in flocks of thousands so they need to have many toys to keep them happy, if they don't have their needs met they will get bored and will sleep most of the time, or get naughty. i almost NEVER buy toys for my budgies, instead i make them! there are many things you can make toys out of, from some simple rope hung decoratively from the cage to elaborate toys made from, bells, string, old jeans, shredded paper, though, some things can be toxic to budgies and even fatal so look up the item before you put it in the cage as this could harm him. wood is a good toy/perch for birds, if you find a pretty branch and it will fit in the cage just clean it using 3/4 of bleach to one gallon of water and wipe the branch down with it then put the branch in the oven for 20 minutes to kill any bugs living inside.

    mirrors aren't that good for budgies as it can lead to bad behaviour, fighting/yelling with "the other bird" and possibly hurting himself,

    you can also try fruits and veggies, nuts.this will provide nutrient's and something to play with, though again, some human food can be toxic to budgies so look up to see if your chosen food is safe for him.

    here is a good site that has a list on safe foods for budgies:

    if he is trained very well and if you have a budgie-proofed room then you can spend some free time in that room with him, letting him fly free for a short time. that should keep him very occupied for a long time.

    also changing the perches and the toys he does have around so he has a "new" home will help stimulate him a lot too.

    and if none of this works your boy may be sick, if this is the case take him immediately to the vet as he will need to be treated. keep a close eye on him, is he: fluffing his feathers a lot,tail bobbing too much, are his eyes, nose, and mouth watery/leaking, are his droppings healthy, are his droppings sticking to his vent feathers? if he is doing any of the above take him immediately to the vet.

    hope this helped

    Source(s): budgie love, for a safe list of foods for budgies
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    You can give him a mirror to look at, or toss in an empty toilet paper roll. Sometimes they like to crawl inside it or chew it up. Put in a little slice of apple or tiny bit of toast or a piece of corn on the cob for an extra treat. They are smart creatures and do get bored.

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