How bad do inner wrist tattoos hurt?

Soo I'm turning 19 at the end of may and I've ALWAYS wanted a tattoo on my inner wrist. I either want it to be the infinity symbol or I want it to be "love" in cursive with a heart at the end of it. I hate getting blood drawn at the doctors but I am willing to suck it up and get a tattoo. I'm skinny ( not "you can see my ribs skinny" but my wrist bone kinda sticks out) idk if that's going to affect how much pain ill be in or not but anyways if anyone who has any personal experience I would love to hear it

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  • 8 years ago
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    So for that person saying their artist said the wrist is the most painful, that artist (or the answerer) is full of sh*t. I'd like to know what reputable artist would make that claim, since pain depends entirely on the person. I can argue that the ribs would hurt more than the wrist, but that's certainly not going to be true for everyone. Speaking only from my experience, my wrist tattoo was my least painful, I have 6 tattoos (one on lower back, a huge piece on upper back, and three on lower stomach). And I have very skinny wrists. There was a point where I was so focused on watching it get done, I actually forgot that it was me getting it because I was busy focusing on watching it. I've heard some people feeling nauseous while getting wrist tattoos, because the needle is going over the tendon. So if you do feel sick, SAY SOMETHING, because some people have passed out. It's ok to take a break, drink done water, and eat a candy bar for both your food intake and sugar intake, it helps tons. Good luck

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    Do Wrist Tattoos Hurt

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    Not at all really. In the past two months I've gotten 3 tattoos the first one being on my left arm leading onto my wrist. I hate getting shots and was very nervous. Once it touched my skin it didn't hurt bad. It's just this hot feeling. My whole arm was sweating. Its just felt like I had taken a tac and dragged it across my skin a little hard not much though. My second and third one I got same day. Second one was on my chest above my left breast and my tattoo artist said it would be uncomfortable and I didn't feel a thing I was talking and laughing while I got it done. Third one is on my right wrist and it wasn't bad out of all of them I think it felt the worse mostly because when it was healing my coat sleeves rubbed against it but nah it wasn't that bad at all. I'm gonna be getting more soon.

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  • 8 years ago

    I have had previous tattoos and this one hurt the most. I had a hot burning sharp pain on the outline of the word. I don't regret getting it because it was worth the pain but I was not expecting the level of pain going into it. The healing process is hard on your wrist as you constantly bend your wrist in everyday use. Some of my scabbing fell off due to this and cause imperfections but easily fixed with a retouch. After retouching it a couple times it doesn't really hurt at all. If you can handle pain then go for it as wrist tattoos are beautiful!

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  • 8 years ago

    I got a tattoo above my wrist (my inner forearm) and it really only felt like someone was burning me. It's painful but it's not unbearable. It's really hard to tell how you handle pain if you've never had a tattoo before because everyone handles it differently. If your tattoo is gonna be small, I wouldn't even worry about it.

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    Wristband Tattoos

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    My first tattoo was my inner wrist tattoo, it hurt, but honestly it was fine.

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    My tattoo artist says it is the most painful spot to get a tattoo. Ask them to do a dry run on you with no ink to see if you can deal with the pain or not.

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