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I want to commit suicide why are people so mean I cannot cope?

So my auntie have me this product to clear some spots on my face. But it ended up discolouring it. It lightened and darkened my face in patches. It darkened the skin above my lips making it look like I had a moustache and no makeup could cover it up. Also I had a bad haircut that I have fixed now but hugely regret.

So on the plane, these guys kept whispering to each other while looking at me and laughing. Every time they walked past me they laughed hard. I didn't even know them. And at the airport people were giving me really mean looks.

At the resort people were just plain horrible. They were giving me dirty and mean looks and treating me like I was crap. Even when it came to being served a drink the server was nice to everyone else and mean to me. As soon as I walked to get another drink this guy who was sitting on a stool gave me the meanest look ever and quickly got up away from me (he wasn't joking).

I ended up not enjoying my vacation. While my family went out and had fun i locked myself in the room and crying and watching tv.

Sorry that I'm not the hottest girl in sight. Sorry that I'm no beyonce. I may not be so great on the outside but I have a beautiful heart. I am really kind and care for people.

This experience made me suicidal. I couldn't cope. Why are people so mean and how can I cope? :(

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    Don't ever run away from your problems. That's never the answer. More than anything don't make your family go through something like that. You always have someone to go too. Fiends, family counselers . But suicide is never the answer

    Source(s): Had a friend who commuted suicide and had a preacher talk to me
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    Mean people are people that have been extensively bullied, abused and victimized. So much abuse has damaged their mind, they can't control themselves anymore. You better stay away.

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