random funny survey for fun!?

A. james bond or iron man

B. taco bell of boston market

C. squidward or diet dr pepper

D. limestone or granite

E. justin bieber or a sick hairless cat

F. raw potatoes or burnt french fries

G. yoga pants or skinny jeans

F. the hunger games of twilight

H. chicken fingers or chicken legs

I. boken bone or balding

J. horrible thunderstorm or miley cyrus singing

k. ford or honda

L. cold hard icecream or warmer melted icecream

M. earnest hemingway or john stienbeck

N. jesus or morgan freeman

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  • 7 years ago
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    Iron Man

    Taco Bell

    Squidward(Don't know what it is but I hate Dr. Pepper with a passion)



    Burnt French Fries

    Skinny Jeans

    Hunger Games

    Chicken Legs


    Horrible Thunderstorm


    Warmer Meted Ice Cream



  • 7 years ago

    A. Iron Man

    B. Taco Bell.

    C. Diet Dr. Pepper

    D. Granite

    E. A sick, hairless cat

    F. Burnt french fries

    G. Skinny jeans

    F. Twilight

    H. Chicken fingers

    I. Broken bone

    J. Horrible thinderstorm

    K. Honda

    L. Cold, hard ice-cream

    M. Earnest Hemingway


  • KNizzy
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    7 years ago

    A. James Bond

    B. Taco Bell

    C. Diet Dr.Pepper

    D. limestone

    E. a sick hairless cat

    F. raw potatoes

    G. yoga pants

    F. the hunger games

    H. chicken fingers

    I. balding

    J. horrible thunderstorm

    K. honda

    L. cold hard icecream

    M. don't know who they are.

    N. jesus

  • 7 years ago

    Iron man

    Taco bell



    Sick hairless cat

    Burnt frenchfries

    Yoga pants all the way

    Hunger games


    Broken Bone

    Horrible thunderstorm


    cold hard ice cream

    Joe Montanna

    Jesus with morgan freemans voice

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  • 6 years ago

    A. James bond

    B.taco bell

    C. Diet Dr pepper


    E.jb (I love cats just don't wanna see them sick)

    F.hunger games

    G.skinny jeans

    H.chicjen legs

    I.broken bone

    J. Mikey Cyrus singing

    K. Ford

    L. Warmer melted ice cream

    M. Who?

    N. Jesus

  • 7 years ago

    A. Neither

    B. Neither

    C. Neither

    D. Granite

    E. Neither

    F. Burnt french fries

    G. Yoga pants, because skinny jeans look uncomfortable.

    F. Neither

    H. Chicken legs

    I. Broken bone

    J. Thunderstorm

    K. Ford

    L. Warmer, melted

    M. Neither

    N. Eh... I can't choose.

  • Both like both equally


    Dr pepper



    Burnt french fries

    Skinny pants


    Depends what looks tasty more

    broken bone

    milly cyrus


    warmer melted ice cream

    don't know because don't know them 2 names

    Morgan freeman

  • 7 years ago

    iron man


    diet dp


    sick hairless cat

    burnt french fries

    skinny jeans

    the hunger games

    chicken fingers

    broken bone

    horrible thunderstorm


    cold hard icecream



  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    a million. Do you have any kin in detention center? I dont comprehend.. LOL 2. have you ever long gone cow-tipping? No. 3. what's your worst puppy peeve? while human beings call you stupid! 4. Whats your in demand horror action picture? Dont like horror. 5. Do you do dance loopy while no one is finding? Noo...? 6. Do you want to sing interior the bathe? sure! 7. Whats your in demand colour? pink, Blue, Yellow, eco-friendly.. I have been given lots! 8. Do you like baths or showers? Showers. 9. Do you blow dry your hair? or only enable it dry via itself, or towel dry? air dry. 10. on the sea coast could you quite play interior the sand, or play interior the water? a splash of the two. 11. Do you think of human beings might desire to eat the fish they capture, or only enable them to pass? enable them to pass. 12. What do you like greater appropriate palms or feet? feet 13. Do you like curly hair or as we communicate hair? as we communicate hair 14. Whats your in demand sort of drink? Juice and grape soda! 15. Do you untie your shoes once you're taking them off? sure. sixteen. Whats your in demand e book? I dont relatively examine that lots.

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