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Making weapons from scratch during a hypothetical World Apocalypse?

Okay, first off, the reason I am very curious about this sort of thing is I would like to think that if society ever turned to ****. (Through something really extreme like a Zombie Apocalypse) I would like to think that using house hold items I could craft some sort of nice sword or weapon to defend myself!

So my real question is 'If you were put in a position where the world went to ****, how would you craft a decent sword of some sort?' Be as specific as possible e.g. How to build the furnace? Where to get the materials to make Where to get the hammers and such to do the work? Where to get the metals to make the weapon? Be as pedantic as possible!

Thanks in advance!

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    In short term, forget about building a forge and swordsmithing, takes way too much time and resources that could spend elsewhere, unless you're planning to prep and stockpile materials before hand. Running a forge means you have to have access to steady supply of charcoal/coal, and unless you live in a forest or near a mine, is gonna be real hard to come by. Then you're gonna need an anvil, tongs, metal cutting shears, about a half dozen different hammers, forming tools, etc... it be less headache to just BUY a pre-fabricated sword or machete (14 bucks for one at Home Hardware).

    In an anarchic situation, you'll want something that you can make as soon as possible. Something as simple as a shovel with a sharpened edge works nicely. You'll want a main weapon with long reach and decent damage (preferably something that you can thrust and slash with), and a secondary weapon that is compact and concealable like a box cutter or ice pick. The best weapon is one that isn't difficult/hazardous to use and withstands repeated use, hence simple and sturdy. Your everyday mop handle (with mop sawed off of course) is surprisingly well suited for mounting makeshift spearheads and poleaxes.

    A good range weapon option is the PVC bow, by Backyard Bowyer. Search it up on youtube on instructions to build. A 1 inch diameter PVC pipe thats properly tapered, and strung with polypropylene string (min 130 lb working strength, 2 dollars at the dollar store) can be turned into a 40-50 pound bow that's deadly with the right practice. People have taken down deer with these bows. If you're crafty, you can even make PVC limps for a crossbow. I made a 58 inch long PVC survival bow that draws about 45 pounds at 30", with an arrow rest made from nothing more than duct tape. I fashioned arrows from poplar dowels from the local hardware store, duct tape arrow fins, and arrowheads fashioned from scrap steel.

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    Weapon choices? One among my dad's device belts with a hammer in the holder, a pocket knife, a small first support package, a hachet and a pair bottles of water. Hideouts? A secret spot within the woods across the a small river and near a moutian. Auto alternatives? A trusty Chevy truck with a metallic rack to wield some steel grates or tie down some heavy tarp on it as a mobile base. Quilt the wheels wit a metallic grates and the home windows with skinny steel bars. I may reduce up the duvet over the motor and make it more easly ventable. Stripping any excess weight can also be a nesscity. I could just replace the seats and deck, possibly even remove the roof and use some heavy tarp. Associates? That is what the armored truck is for i'm gonna search out my acquaintances and put them in my tuck. And maybe get a bus and armor that up later.

  • If it all turned to **** and i was in my house I would be fine. I got a machete, an axe, a chainsaw. I live in the suburbs and I would go around to other houses and scavenge as much stuff as possible. Food, medication, etc. I'd even tear down a few walls, get some planks of wood to fortify my house. I have a collection of nerf guns at my house that I mod as a hobby so ranged weapons won't be a problem. Furnace? I don't know man. This is me being pedantic and I'd just use some shaved wood, paper, grass and lay it all on a pile in my pergola and use a lighter to light it up and have a stand or tripod, boil water in there and cook stuff in as well. That's all i got.

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    Actually, a sword is a poor weapon choice under those conditions, UNLESS you already have everything you need.

    IF starting from scratch, with nothing at hand, stick to the basics.

    You could probably fashion a sling, a club, a spear, or a bolo with locally available materials fairly easily.

    More complicated becomes an atlatl for more spear range, or a bow and arrows.

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    i know how to make a machete...

    take a flat bar of steel, ground it on a rough surface until there's an edge, wrap something around the handle for grip. voila, a machete.

    i prefer guns. 3/4" steel pipe, nail, spring, some wood blocks, steel blocks, cast receiver from pot metal, and I have a falling block 12 gauge shotgun. guns are better than swords.

    if there's no shells (hard to imagine) then I'll still make a gun. made of the same things... stainless steel pipe, forged receiver, rolling block breech loading used paper cartridges, shooting bullets cast from pot metal.

    a machete is is one-edged sword. you can give it a second edge, add a tip and make it a sword.

    the the apocalypse i have guns. I will probably make that machete out of a steel blank but not swords.

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