I want to visit a friend in canada over summer, ways to make my flight cheaper?

I live in NYC, I'm only 16 too, but there's a friend in calgary, AB that I want to visit over summer. I plan on going by myself, is that possible? I only want to visit for a week or two. I don't need a hotel either, if I were to visit her she said I can sleep at their house.

So as I am working for $8/hr job I'd like the cheapest flight i could get, could anyone help me find cheaper prices? If i were to leave I'd leave around Jun 17, and come back after a week or two

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yes, you can go by yourself. You will need a passport. You must have one to board an international flight.

    There are only a few ways, really, to save money on airline tickets. Book and pay a little bit ahead, at least two weeks ahead, and choose the right day and time for your flight. Prices can change according to what day of the week and what time the flight leaves. Mind you, you're travelling in summer, which is a high priced time because that's when a lot of people can travel and want to travel. All you can do to find that right day and time is to check airline websites and travel sites, getting a feel for what a good price is, and when you see what looks like a good deal then go for it. There are sometimes sales that only last a few days, so it can pay to check every second day. You can do all the looking you want on those sites; until you give them a credit card number you have not booked a flight. You can sometimes save by flying to or from different airports in cities that have more than one, like flying from Newark instead of JFK, but if you do that you have to calculate the time and cost of getting from one airport to the other. And if you do that your baggage will not be checked through. You will have to retrieve it and haul it to the next airport yourself.

    I just did a little checking, because it can be cheaper to fly cross country in the US than in Canada, so I thought it might be cheaper to fly from NY to Seattle and then to Calgary. It doesn't seem to be. Cheapest way I found was NY to Toronto on Delta, Toronto to Calgary on Westjet, and I think that's probably the best way. That was a total of $561 for June 18 departure and June 27 return.

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    Leave on Sunday from Newark Direct Flight $502 return June 26

    From La Guardia on Saturday via Chicago under $500


    Also cheaper on Tuesday 18 to travel Prices rise after June 27 HOLIDAY WEEKEND.

    These cheap seats are going fast . Prices are starting to go up for summer travel.

    You miss Stampede Week Fares much higher.

    Many cheaper flights if you can leave in the week before June 17.

    Price rises for returns after Thursday June 27

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    liitle dude u need to have a passport,parents permission to i think contact a travel agent to find cheap

    flights they do not charge you for information or to book the flight.

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