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Does anyone know the answers to these questions about Christopher Columbus?

What is the exact amount of land that Christopher Columbus officially discovered in square kilometers? How many colonies did he establish? How big were the colonies? Did he have any power over the lands he found? Did he win/lose any battles against enemies?

Pleeeeaasssse, help. Thanks :)

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    The First Voyage

    Columbus’ first voyage was his most famous – he discovered North America even though he was trying to find India.

    August 3, 1492: Columbus and his crew set sail from Palos, Spain

    September 12: They arrived in the Bahamas where Columbus named five islands: San Salvador; Santa Maria de la Concepcion, Fernandina, Isabela, and Las Islas de Arena.

    October 28: They landed in Cuba and then sailed on.

    November 22: The captain of Columbus’ ship Pinta departed on his own and Columbus continued on.

    December 5: They arrived at Hispaniola.

    December 24: The Santa Maria grounded on a reef and Columbus was forced to build a fort on the shore there, where he named the shelter La Navidad .

    January 2, 1493: Columbus left the settlement and was forced to leave about 40 men behind to await his return because the Nina did not have enough room.

    January 6: Columbus was reunited with the Pinta.

    January 16: Columbus headed for Spain.

    February 14: The Pinta and Nina were separated during a fierce storm.

    March 15: The Pinta and Nina arrive separately in Palos, Spain.

    There’s some controversy surrounding Columbus' league measurement . A league is made up of four miles, but many countries had a different measurement for how long a mile was. Looking at Columbus’ records, the typical “Roman” mile of 4,860 feet is not accurate. Most historians believe he used the Geometric League as a measurement for his travels, where a mile would equal 4,060 feet

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    if you have the internet cant you just google bing yahoo wikipedia or ask jeeves? i dont have the answers

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