Do you think I am weird for saying this?

Before you say anything I am strictly dickly. But I say I will go lesbian for some celebs (I actually think they are hot/beautiful but it is in a joking manner) and when my guy friends say they like a girl I notice her assets and stuff or sometimes I look at another girls boobs/butt because well I don't know. Its not attractive to me I just tend to shift my eyes their sometimes. I think I genuinely think us women are beautiful fascinating creatures. Incase you are wondering my age I am 14 and yes I have a boyfriend and he knows about the saying girls have a nice *** or that I would go les for Shay Mitchell haha


I love Jenna! haha and I've seen that video

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  • 8 years ago
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    It's normal, it's just a girl crush, embrace it. Admittedly, I find myself looking at other girls, admiring their beauty, it's not because I'm lesbian, I'm just jealous. Also, as much as I hate to admit it, I stared at Katy Perrys Grammys dress, just a confession. And I am straight, I only like *****, I'm not,I don't swing both ways, but if someone looks nice I will notice it. Have you ever watched Jenna Marbles? She made a video about girl crushes, you should check it out

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